Irthing Water Hounds, The

DESCRIPTION: October 11, 1873, hounds from Irthing Water are on a fox hunt. Finally "the celebrated Mowdie" finds a fox in a hole. A terrier flushes Reynard and his trail flushes a vixen. Both foxes are killed. "Drink success to the Irthing lads"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1967 (recording, Willie Scott)
KEYWORDS: death hunting animal dog
FOUND IN: Britain(Scotland(Bord))
REFERENCES (2 citations):
McMorland-Scott, pp. 118-119, 155, "Irthing Water Foxhounds" (1 text, 1 tune)
ADDITIONAL: Willie Scott, "The Irthing Water Hounds," School of Scottish Studies Archive SA1953.254,Tobar an Dualchais/Kist o Riches accessed 14 September 2013 from

Roud #5692
Willie Scott, "The Irthing Water Hounds" (on Voice18)
NOTES [6 words]: River Irthing is in Northumberland. - BS
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