Iron Merrimac

DESCRIPTION: The Merrimac starts from Norfolk to "make an end of Yankee Doodle Dandy-O." After sinking the Cumberland, the Merrimac confronts the Monitor.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1942 (recording, Judge Learned Hand)
KEYWORDS: battle Civilwar navy war ship
March 8, 1862 - U.S. frigates Congress and Cumberland sunk by the CSS Virginia (formerly USS Merrimac). The Minnesota runs aground; had not the Monitor arrived the next day, the Merrimac would have sunk that ship also
Roud #4767
Judge Learned Hand, "Iron Merrimac" (AFS, 1942; on LCTreas)
cf. "The Constitution and the Guerriere" [Laws A6] (lyrics, structure, tune)
cf. "The Cumberland" [Laws A26] (subject)
cf. "The Cumberland Crew" [Laws A18] (subject)
NOTES [48 words]: This song is a rewrite of "The Constituion and the Guerriere"; however, as it describes a different battle, with different ships, half a century later, I've given it a separate entry. - PJS
For the historical background on this battle, see the notes to "The Cumberland Crew" [Laws A18]. - RBW
File: RcIroMer

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