In Seventeen Ninety-Five

DESCRIPTION: Singer comes into the country in 1795; considers himself lucky just to be alive. He knocks at a girl's door; she lets him in and says not to ramble any more. They marry and live happily, "And the stars sang a banjo tune/When she said that she'd be mine"
AUTHOR: unknown (additional words by Art Thieme)
EARLIEST DATE: 1966 (learned by Art Thieme)
KEYWORDS: courting love marriage emigration wife
Art Thieme, "In 1795" (on Thieme06)
cf. "In Eighteen Forty-Nine" (lyrics)
cf. "The Backwoodsman" (lyrics)
NOTES [43 words]: Thieme learned the first verse from Louis Marshall "Grandpa" Jones, added the second verse several years later. Despite a few similarities to "In Eighteen Forty-Nine," the song and its gestalt are sufficiently different that I've classified them separately. - PJS
File: RcIn1795

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