I Saw the Light from Heaven (Dry Bones (I))

DESCRIPTION: "Enoch lived to be Three hundred and sixty-five And the Lord came down And took him up to heaven alive. I saw, I saw, I saw the light from heaven come shining all around." Other assorted Bible stories, such as the dry bones in the valley
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1928 (recording, Bascom Lamar Lunsford)
KEYWORDS: religious Bible
REFERENCES (1 citation):
BrownSchinhanV757, "Dry Bones" (1 text, 1 tune)
Roud #17922
Bascom Lamar Lunsford, "Dry Bones" (Brunswick 231, 1928; Brunswick 314, 1929; on AAFM2, BLLunsford01, Babylon)
cf. "Ezekiel in the Valley" (theme)
cf. "Dem Bones" (theme)
cf. "Dese Bones Gwine to Rise Again" (theme)
NOTES [68 words]: Among the incidents outlined here:
* Enoch's disappearance at age 365: Gen. 5:21-24
* Paul (and Silas) in prison during an earthquake: Acts 16:25-26
* Moses and the Burning Bush: Exodus 3:2ff.
* Dry bones walking: Ezek. 37:1-10
Other incidents, such as Eve's account of "Satan a-tempting me," are not directly Biblical (e.g. in Gen. 3:13, Eve blamed the Serpent for her behavior, but Satan is not named). - RBW
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