I'm Old But I'm Awfully Tough

DESCRIPTION: Singer describes himself as a happy old gentleman whom the girls adore. Chorus consists mostly of laughing
AUTHOR: Cal Stewart?
EARLIEST DATE: c. 1900 (recording, Cal Stewart)
KEYWORDS: age humorous nonballad
Roud #15460
Andrew Keefe, "I'm Old But I'm Awfully Tough" (CYL: Edison 9152, 1905)
Cal Stewart - change reference to: (Columbia 22, 1901; Columbia A-299, 1909; rec. 1900) (Victor 659, 1901; Zonophone C-5321, n.d.) (Victor 16403, 1909; rec. 1907)

cf. "Laughing Song" (chorus)
NOTES [62 words]: This is a pop song, pure and simple, and I wouldn't include it in the Index, except that a massively folk-processed version of the song was collected in the 1970s from the Arkansas singer Tip McKinney (former member of Pope's Arkansas Mountaineers, who made 78s of traditional music in 1928). It's a classic example of a song moving from popular music into tradition. - PJS

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