I'll Never Leave Old Dixie Land Again

DESCRIPTION: Singer, a former slave, returns to Dixie and his beloved Dinah again, after having spent time living in Kansas. He says the weather there is enough to freeze him, and he misses his home, so he'll never leave old Dixie Land again
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1939 (recording, Bogue Ford)
KEYWORDS: homesickness loneliness love home return reunion separation slavery
Roud #15470
Bogue Ford, "I'll never leave old Dixie land again" (AFS 4211 A1, 1939; in AMMEM/Cowell)
NOTES: A minstrel-show song, without a doubt. Ford sings it in dialect.
A significant number of freed slaves did in fact settle in Kansas during the years after the Civil War. - PJS

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