I Met a Handsome Lady

DESCRIPTION: Singer meets a lady who invites him into her parlor and says nice things; he says she can send for the preacher, he'll be ready and have his shoes greased. The preacher says she is too young; all sit down to a supper of chicken and underdone turkey
AUTHOR: Unknown; some verses added by H. N. Dickens
EARLIEST DATE: 1957 (recording by H. N. Dickens)
KEYWORDS: age courting marriage wedding food party bird chickens clergy lover
Roud #12644
H. N. Dickens, "I Met a Handsome Lady" (on Stonemans01)
cf. "Cindy (I)" (lyrics)
cf. "Pig at Home in the Pen" (lyrics)
cf. "Roving Gambler" (lyrics)
NOTES [18 words]: A most disjointed song, and I can't tell whether it was used as a dance tune or not (but I suspect not). - PJS
File: RcIMAHaL

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