I'll Be With You When the Roses Bloom Again

DESCRIPTION: The soldier must leave his sweetheart; as she pins a rose on his breast, he promises, "I'll be with you when the roses bloom again." He is killed in battle; and can only ask that the captain inform his sweetheart
AUTHOR: Will D. Cobb & Gus Edwards (sometimes listed as "Will Whitmore & Harry Hilliard")
EARLIEST DATE: c. 1901 (sheet music)
KEYWORDS: soldier separation death flowers
REFERENCES (3 citations):
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ST RcIBWYWt (Partial)
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cf. "The Dying Soldier (Erin Far Away I)" [Laws J6] (plot) and references there
cf. "Down Among the Budded Roses" (some lyrics)
cf. "When the Roses Bloom Again for the Bootlegger" (lyrics, tune)
When the Roses Bloom Again for the Bootlegger (File: Morr045)
NOTES [102 words]: According to Spaeth, A History of Popular Music in America (p. 315), Cobb & Edwards were also the authors of "Mamie," listed as "an outstanding hit of 1901."
This sounds like a Civil War song, but given the era when Cobb and Edwards worked together, one must assume it was inspired by the Spanish-American War. - RBW
I place Joines & Evans's recording "Budded Roses" here, but with misgivings; for one thing, it makes no mention of the man being a soldier. But the story fits well enough that, for want of an alternative, I place it here. Ditto Snow, who probably learned his version from Charlie Poole. - PJS
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