Hold 'im Joe

DESCRIPTION: Joe: hold my donkey; it wants water and candy; it's dandy. Singer works and people call him "copperhead"; resting on the beach people call him "sponger man." They say his donkey is bad; it's from Trinidad; he says it's good; it's brave like Robin Hood
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1907 (Jekyll)
KEYWORDS: sex animal nonballad worksong
FOUND IN: West Indies Panama Canal Zone
REFERENCES (6 citations):
Jekyll 84, "Me donkey want water" (1 fragment, 1 tune)
ADDITIONAL: Louise Cramer, "Songs of West Indian Negroes in the Canal Zone" in _California Folklore Quarterly_, Vol. V, No. 3 (Jul 1946 (available online by JSTOR)), pp. 251-252 "Hold Him Joe" (2 texts)
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cf. "Dingo Lay" (theme; some lines) and references there
cf. "Lemme Go, Melda Marcy" (sexual theme; some lines)
NOTES [133 words]: Notes on "Hold 'im Joe" and "Jump in the Line" will be included in a future version of the Index.
Each song was created in one tradition -- "Hold 'im Joe" is Jamaican and "Jump in the Line" is Trinidadian -- and later crossed into the other. That is not unique to these songs. Many of the songs thought of as "calypsos" are from Jamaica.
And some calypsos have been more popular in the form of what Jamaican reggae has become.
What part has the West Indian population in New York played in the change? And what part was played in both islands by American soldiers during the second world war? And so on.
Without being exhaustive -- there are lots of books, articles, and collections of recordings on the subject -- I hope to show how the changes are reflected in the history of these two songs. - BS
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