DESCRIPTION: Fragment: "I found the track of the wind in the trees...but never a trace of baby o." Similarly "...mist on the hill..." and "swan on the lake."
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1963 (recording, Margaret MacArthur)
KEYWORDS: baby family lullaby
Margaret MacArthur, "Gorion-Og" (on MMacArthur01)
NOTES [67 words]: This sounds like a fragment or degenerated form of a child-disappearance ballad. In the hope that the rest of it may surface some day, and because there's a thread of narrative buried in what sounds like a nursery rhyme, I include it. - PJS
I must admit that this explanation never occurred to me (the song just sounds like a lullaby) -- but it's a beautiful melody; I too hope we can find more of it. - RBW
File: RcGorion

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