Funky Butt (Buddy Bolden's Blues)

DESCRIPTION: "I thought I heard somebody say, funky butt, funky butt, take it away, I don't like it no how." Girls in red and blue dresses "got the funky butt ... I don't like it no how."
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: sex nonballad scatological
Mississippi John Hurt, "Funky Butt" (on MJHurt04)
Jelly Roll Morton, "Buddy Bolden's Blues" (on "Buddy Bolden's blues - Single," Bacci Bros Records MP3 (2011))

NOTES [101 words]: In his version on the MP3 album "Complete Recordings of Mississippi John Hurt" (John Hurt, 2012) Hurt quotes "Buddy Bolden's Blues": "I ... Buddy Bolden shout, Open the window let the funk go out" (compare Jelly Roll Morton). So, is this the same song? Hurt's tune is not Morton's but it's not so far off that it's not recognizable. For most cases that are this close I consider the songs to be the same.
According to at the Doctor Jazz site "Jelly Roll Morton Recordings and Discography," Jelly Roll Morton recorded "Buddy Bolden's Blues" in 1939 on General 4003-A. - BS
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