Dingo Lay

DESCRIPTION: Singer mourns that his donkey is gone. The donkey bites off the hand of a Chinese man. Jealous people damn his donkey because he fights, but they want him for their own. "If you are not a good jockey you won't like to run"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1935 (Keskidee Trio recording; see Notes)
KEYWORDS: sex animal nonballad
FOUND IN: West Indies(Trinidad)
Keskidee Trio with Gerald Clark and his Carribean Serenaders, "Dingo Lay" (1935, on Decca 17250 A)
cf. "Hold 'im Joe" (theme; some lines) and references there
NOTES [79 words]: The Keskidee Trio is Raymond Quevedo [Atilla], Egbert Moore [Lord Beginner], and Neville Marcano [The Tiger].
"Dingolay, to (tingalay, dingole): to have sexual intercourse; to engage in some obscure sexual act." Donald R Hill, Calypso Calaloo (Gainesville: University Press ofFlorida, 1993), p. 311 (Glossary). In this connection, at least, consider this verse from the Keskidee Trio: When he's on a journey he always goes straight/ You can bet your life he's a heavyweight - BS
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