Brother Jonah

DESCRIPTION: Brother Jonah is called to duty, but is reluctant and goes to sea; the winds begin to blow, and the whale swallows him. The whale feels ill, and eventually throws Jonah up. Refrain: "Yessir, the whale he swallowed Brother Jon-oh. Oh! Brother! Jon-oh!"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1932 (recording, Famous Blue Jay Singers of Birmingham)
KEYWORDS: travel storm Bible religious animal whale
Famous Blue Jay Singers of Birmingham, "Brother Jonah" (Champion 50025, c. 1935; rec. 1932; on VocQ2)
NOTES [30 words]: The story of Jonah and his travels is, of course, the subject of the Biblical book of Jonah. The Bible, however, consistently calls the sea creature that swallowed him a "fish." - RBW
File: RcBrotJo

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