Bound Steel Blues

DESCRIPTION: "I'm gonna leave you honey, I ain't gonna ride no train. I'm walking out, crawling, calling your name." "You'll see my picture on the wall ... won't be your daddy at all." "Some day you'll miss me but I won't come home no more"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1932 (StuffDreams1)
KEYWORDS: farewell home parting rambling separation travel nonballad lover
Roud #10627
Bill Shepherd with Hayes Shepherd and Ed Webb, "Bound Steel Blues" (on StuffDreams1)
NOTES [54 words]: Three line blues: the first line is repeated -- more or less -- and the last line completes the thought.
The title of "Bound Steel Blues" is from the first verse, which I can't quite make out. It sounds to me like "Now I said now mama, I said go down in steel. When I think about my past time, Lord, I been a ... fool." - BS
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File: RcBoStBl

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