Barney McShane

DESCRIPTION: As Barney McShane is passing the widow's door it begins to pour down rain. She tells him to come in; she'll fix him some tea and they can cuddle. The song praises her beauty
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1938 (recording, Warde Ford)
KEYWORDS: beauty courting storm
FOUND IN: US(MW,SW) Canada(Newf)
Roud #15469
Bogue Ford, "Barney McShane" (AFS 4209 B2, 1939; in AMMEM/Cowell)
Warde Ford, "Barney McShane" (AFS 4204 A3, 1938; tr.; in AMMEM/Cowell)
Hector MacIsaac and Jerome Downey, "Barney McShane" (on NFHMacIsaac01)
Hector MacIsaac and Emma MacIsaac, "Barney McShane" (on NFHMacIsaac02)

NOTES [54 words]: This has a powerful flavor of the music hall about it, and I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn of a Harry Lauder recording. But in his introduction, Warde Ford reports learning it from a Nevada man, and his brother Bogue from someone from Los Angeles.So it's in the oral tradition, and it's narrative, so in it goes. - PJS
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