Six Months Ain't Long

DESCRIPTION: Singer reports that "all I've got's done gone"; he was framed by an upright judge and sentenced to six months in jail for shooting up the town. Ch.: "Six months ain't long, ain't long my dear...six months ain't long for me to be gone/oh darling...."
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1930 (recording, Rutherford & Foster)
KEYWORDS: captivity love violence crime prison punishment trial judge prisoner
Leonard] Rutherford & [John] Foster, "Six Months Ain't Long" (Brunswick 490, rec. 1930; on KMM)
cf. "My Last Gold Dollar" (lyrics)
cf. "Six Months in Jail Ain't So Long" (subject)
NOTES [27 words]: The similarity to "Six Months in Jail Ain't so Long" is primarily in the situation, not the song. The lyrics are different, the tune is different, I split them. - PJS
File: Rc6MoLo

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