Sweet Genevieve

DESCRIPTION: The singer would "give the world to live again the lovely past" with Genevieve. They are older now, but he still loves her and wishes to be with her always: "O Genevieve, Sweet Genevieve... Still the hands of mem'ry weave... Blissful dreams of long ago"
AUTHOR: Words: George Cooper / Music: Henry Tucker
KEYWORDS: love age
REFERENCES (6 citations):
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ST RK19202 (Full)
Roud #13643
cf. "Silver Threads among the Gold" (theme)
cf. "When You and I Were Young, Maggie" (theme)
NOTES [84 words]: Genevieve is reported to be the real-life bride of George Cooper who died shortly after their marriage. However, since no one can find the records of this marriage, this may be the usual sort of sentimental folklore. The song was very successful, but doesn't seem to have gained much place in tradition.
George Cooper originally worked with Stephen Foster, and seems to have switched to working with Henry Tucker after Foster's death; in 1865, they produced "Jeff in Petticoats," also in the Index. - RBW
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