Little Brown Jug, The

DESCRIPTION: The singer praises drink and the little brown jug it comes in: "Ha, ha, ha, you and me, 'Little brown jug' don't I love thee." Drink has turned his friends into enemies, left him poor and sick, and ruined his prospects -- but still he wants another drop
AUTHOR: Eastburn (Joseph Eastburn Winner)
EARLIEST DATE: 1869 (sheet music published by J. E. Winner of Philadelphia)
KEYWORDS: drink poverty nonballad
FOUND IN: US(Ap,MW,Ro,SE,So) Britain(England(West))
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ST RJ19115 (Full)
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LOCSheet, Music B-257, "The Little Brown Jug" ("My wife and I lived all alone"), J.E. Winner (Philadelphia), 1869 (with tune) "by Eastburn"
cf. "The Woodpecker's Hole" (tune)
cf. "The Whiskey Seller" (tune)
cf. "The Poor Little Girls of Ontario" (tune)
Old Man's Lament (II) (File: Logs050)
Little Brown Jug (square dance call) (Welsch, p. 109)
NOTES [59 words]: Joseph Winner (the brother of Septimus Winner, a.k.a. "Alice Hawthorne") published some twenty pieces in his career under the title Eastburn, but only this one had any commercial success. The title may have come from another song of the same name, but that piece (by George Cooper and W. F. Wellman, Jr.; copyright 1868) fell into instant obscurity. - RBW
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File: RJ19115

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