In Eighteen-Forty-Nine

DESCRIPTION: "When I came to this country in 1849, I saw many a true love, but I never saw mine... I am a poor soldier and a long way from home." Floating verses of longing: "Farewell to my old father" "If... I could write a fine hand" "I wish I were a lark"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1928 (Randolph)
KEYWORDS: love separation courting family rambling floatingverses
REFERENCES (4 citations):
Randolph 745, "In Eighteen-Forty-Nine" (2 texts, 2 tune)
Hudson-FolksongsOfMississippi 48, pp. 164-165, "Pretty Saro" (1 text, beginning with stanzas from "In Eighteen-Forty-Nine" and ending with "Pretty Saro," plus mention of 1 more text)
Browne-AlabamaFolkLyric 9, "Pretty Saro" (2 fragments, 2 tunes; the first text is solely this; the second begins with the first verse of "In Eighteen-Forty-Nine" and continues with a verse of "Pretty Saro")
DT, CAME1865

Roud #417
cf. "Pretty Saro" (floating lyrics, tune)
cf. "The Rebel Soldier" (floating lyrics)
cf. "Farewell, Sweet Mary" (floating lyrics)
cf. "Farewell Ballymoney (Loving Hannah; Lovely Molly)" (floating lyrics)
cf. "The Backwoodsman (The Green Mountain Boys)" [Laws C19] (floating lyrics)
cf. "I Came to this Country in Eighteen Sixty-Five" (floating lyrics)
cf. "In Seventeen Ninety-Five" (lyrics)
cf. "Logging on Bear Fork" (lyrics)
cf. "When First To This Country (I)" ("When First Unto This Country" lyrics) and references there
NOTES [79 words]: This has so many floating stanzas (see the cross-references, and even that list is probably incomplete) that I'm not even sure, based on the fragments in Randolph, if this is a true song or just a sort of anthology.
Hudson's text of "Pretty Saro" mixes with this piece, and Randolph's texts also have lyrics from "Pretty Saro"; Roud lumps the songs. It's likely enough that there is a full-blown composite somewhere -- but I haven't seen it, and can't file it until I do. - RBW
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