Going for a Pardon

DESCRIPTION: The pretty little girl on the train has no ticket. Her father is in prison and going blind; she is going for a pardon. The conductor lets her stay on the train. She meets the governor and is granted a pardon for her father
AUTHOR: Words: James Thornton and Clara Hauenschild / Music: James Thornton
EARLIEST DATE: 1896 (copyright)
KEYWORDS: prison father disability pardon family children train
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cf. "Please, Mister Conductor (The Lightning Express)" (plot)
NOTES [57 words]: According to Sigmund Spaeth, A History of Popular Music in America, pp. 255-256, James Thornton was a very popular songwriter from about 1892 to 1898, producing such songs as "My Sweetheart's the Man in the Moon," "Don't Give Up the Old Love for the New," "She May Have Seen Better Days," and (especially) "When You Were Sweet Sixteen." - RBW
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