Other Bright Shore, The

DESCRIPTION: "I have a mother gone to glory (or: ...mother over yonder) (x3), On (that) other (bright) shore." Similarly with father, sister, etc. "Some bright day we'll go and meet them...." "Won't that be a happy meeting..." etc.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1922 (Brown)
KEYWORDS: religious death reunion family
REFERENCES (12 citations):
BrownIII 539, "John Saw de Hundred and Forty-Four Thousand" (1 text, perhaps not this song but too close to separate (it starts "John saw the Hundred and Forty-Four Thousand" and has the chorus "I can't stay away," but the rest appears to be this); also 576, "Gwine Down Jordan" (1 text, also possibly separate as it has the chorus, "I'me gwine down Jordan, hallelo," but the verses seem to belong here); also 648, "We Have Loved Ones Over Yonder" (1 text, which appears to be exactly this song except that it uses the phrase "over yonders ocean" rather than "on the other bright shore")
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ADDITIONAL: Jackson-AnotherSheaf, #14 p. 9, "O Brothers Will You Meet Me" (1 text fragment, 1 tune)
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Roud #4213
Rev. Howard Finster, "Some Have Fathers Over Yonder" (on FolkVisions2)
Cas Wallin, "Some Have Fathers Gone to Glory" (on FarMtns3)

cf. "Hear the Lambs a-Cryin'" (words)
cf. "Departed Loved Ones" (theme)
cf. "I Have a Father Gone to Glory (I Am Alone in this World)" (lyrics)
cf. "Bring In That New Jerusalem" (lyrics)
NOTES [249 words]: Roud lumps this with "Where Is Old Elijah? (The Hebrew Children, The Promised Land)," which seems a bit strong. But there is no denying that this is a song with a great willingness to transfer verses; it's possible that some of the items listed here actually derived from other songs. - RBW
Owens-2ed and Jackson-AnotherSheaf are like Thomas-Makin'. The site at Hymnary.org -- specifically http://www.hymnary.org/text/tellmebrotherswillyoumeetme -- shows eleven gospel collections and the pages listing this song. The chorus there --though there is none in Owens-2ed, Jackson-AnotherSheaf, or Thomas-Makin'-- is "glory, glory hallelujah (3x), Forever, evermore." A number of sources (for example see, at SecondHandSongs, http://www.secondhandsongs.com/work/43760, "Say Brothers, Will You Meet Us?") say "William Steffe claimed he wrote the lyrics in 1855 or 1856" to a tune that "appeared in Henry Ward Beecher's Plymouth Collection in 1852." The Owens-2ed, Jackson-AnotherSheaf, and Thomas-Makin' tunes, which are similar, are not that "Battle Hymn of the Republic" tune; Jackson-AnotherSheaf notes that "the same text with a different tune -- the one made famous by its association with the 'Battle Hymn of the Republic' -- is in SFS[Jackson-SpiritualFolkSongs], p. 206." The chorus in Jackson-SpiritualFolkSongs is "Glory, glory halelujah! (3x) We are marching on."
An argument can be made to split "Say Brothers, Will You Meet Us?"/"Canaan's Happy Shore" from the rest of these texts. - BS
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