Black-Eyed Susie (Green Corn)

DESCRIPTION: Floating verses about courting and marriage: "All I want in this creation / Pretty little wife and a big plantation.... Two little boys to call me pappy, One named sup and the other named gravy. Hey, black-eyed Susie" (or "Green corn," or other chorus)
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1924 (recording, Gid Tanner & Riley Puckett)
KEYWORDS: courting marriage children nonballad playparty
REFERENCES (13 citations):
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Roud #4954 and 3426
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cf. "Shady Grove" (floating lyrics)
cf. "Hot Corn, Cold Corn (I'll Meet You in the Evening)" (floating lyrics)
cf. "Davy" (meter)
NOTES [140 words]: It is possible that this song and "Hot Corn, Cold Corn (I'll Meet You in the Evening)" spring from the same sources, since they share lyrics and themes. However, they have evolved far enough apart that I feel I have to split them.
Roud seems to split the group even more, with "Black Eyed Susie" being his #3426 and "Green Corn" his #4954. The versions I've seen, though, are so mixed up that I decided to lump them because almost any split would be somewhat arbitrary. Nor are the titles any help; Cambiaire-EastTennesseeWestVirginiaMountainBallads's "Pretty Little Black-Eyed Susie." for instance, never mentions Susie; the girl in the song is Sally.
Jim Dixon points out that reference to a tune with [this[ title can be found in Maurice Thompson, Hoosier Mosaics (New York: E. J. Hale & Son, 1875; available on Google Books), page 44.- RBW
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