Gathering Nuts in May

DESCRIPTION: "Here we go gathering nuts in May, nuts in May, nuts in May, Here we go gathering... On a bright and pretty day." "Who will you have for your nuts in May?" "We'll have (a boy) for the nuts in May." A girl will "pull him across." Repeat for each player
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1881 (Carrington)
KEYWORDS: playparty courting harvest nonballad
FOUND IN: Britain(England(Lond,South),Scotland(Aber)) US(Ap,MW,NE,So) Canada(Ont) West Indies(Jamaica) New Zealand
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Roud #6308
Tony Wales, "Four Children's Singing Games (Nuts in May)" (on TWales1)
cf. "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush" (tune) and references there
NOTES [46 words]: Linscott-FolkSongsOfOldNewEngland explains, "This is certainly a dance survival from the May Day destivals of olden days.... The words are a corruption from 'knots of may,' the game is of English origin, and the tune a variant of the country dance melody 'Nancy Dawson.'" - RBW
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