Buffalo Gals

DESCRIPTION: As requested, the Buffalo [Bowery, etc.] girls promise to come out tonight, to dance or otherwise disport themselves by the light of the moon.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: A Christy Minstrels' version was copyrighted in 1848
KEYWORDS: bawdy playparty dancing
FOUND IN: US(MW,SE,So) West Indies(Tobago)
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ST R535 (Full)
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cf. "Hangtown Gals" (tune)
cf. "Horsham Boys" (tune)
cf. "Gwine Follow" (partial form)
cf. "Rig-a-Jig" (lyrics)
Birdie in the Cage / Buffalo Gals (Square dance calls) (Welsch, pp. 87-89)
Quadrille/Variant (square dance call) (Welsch, p. 119)
Alabama Gals
NOTES [164 words]: According to Spaeth (A History of Popular Music in America, p. 101), this originated as the Cool White (John Hodges) song "Lubly Fan" (1843). From the present perspective, it's hard to prove whether Hodges actually did write the thing or borrowed an existing piece -- but I rather suspect the latter. (Messerli credits it to White, but its attributions are not reliable.)
Jon W. Finson, The Voices That Are Gone: Themes in Nineteenth-Century American Popular Song, Oxford University Press, 1994, p. 191, says that Hodges (1821-1891) was a member of the Virginia Serenaders in 1843, sang this song in 1844, was later a member of the Sable Melodists, and eventually founded Cool White's Broadway Minstrels. Finson, p. 192, seems to suggest that White wrote the words but used a fiddle tine.- RBW
The tune to Elder-Tobago is close to the usual one and has the same structure. Here, the Lambeau gals are called to dance at Carnbee Hall, at what was once a great sugar plantation. - BS
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