Riding on the Dummy

DESCRIPTION: "Of all the ways of travelling, by coach or carryall... the dummy beats them all." People step on each others' toes and bump into each other; people fall in each others' laps; etc. But the singer is happy "Riding on the dummy With the darling I adore."
AUTHOR: Words: Sam Booth/Music: Frederick G. Carnes
EARLIEST DATE: 1885 (sheet music)
KEYWORDS: courting travel technology
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Randolph 511, "Riding on the Dummy" (1 text)
Cohen-LSRail, pp. 485-490, "On the Dummy Line" (about "The Dummy Line (II)," but it includes a cover of the sheet music to this piece)

Roud #7595
NOTES [80 words]: Randolph reports, "The front part of the streetcars used in California in the early days was open and was called the dummy."
Randolph's text is a curious mixture of themes; the first two verses describe the dangers of riding the dummy; the chorus describes the sights seen from the train and the pleasure of riding with one's darling; the final verse describes the lovers' visit to a park. One suspects a composite text. - RBW
This should not be confused with "The Dummy Line." - PJS
File: R511

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