Buy a Charter Oak

DESCRIPTION: "I'm going to tell my mother, I'm going to tell my pa, I'm going to tell my brother and all my brothers-in-law, I'm going to tell my uncle and all my cousins' folk To buy, to buy, to buy a Charter Oak."
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1942 (Randolph)
KEYWORDS: technology commerce
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Randolph 487, "Buy a Charter Oak" (1 short text, 1 tune)
Roud #7588
cf. "The Wilson Patent Stove" (theme)
NOTES [50 words]: For all that this sounds like a (Nineteen-)Sixties TV commercial, Charter Oak stoves were advertised in the Ozark region in the Eighteen-Sixties.
Spaeth mentions a "sacred song" called "The Charter Oak" (by Henry Russell) of around 1837. I don't know if the jingle is to the tune of Russell's song. - RBW
File: R487

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