I Had But Fifty Cents

DESCRIPTION: The singer takes a girl to the ball. He thinks, since she is so delicate, that it is safe to take her to a restaurant, even though he has but fifty cents. But she orders a huge meal. The singer, unable to pay, is beaten up by the restaurant staff
AUTHOR: Words: Billy Mortimer; Music: Dan Lewis
EARLIEST DATE: 1881 (sheet music, with the title "Fifty Cents")
KEYWORDS: food money poverty courting
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cf. "Bill Morgan and His Gal" (theme)
Fifty Cents
NOTES [50 words]: A piece entitled "Fifty Cents," by Billy Mortimer and Dan Lewis, was published in 1881. Paul Stamler has verified that this is the same song. This is the text published, e.g., by Emerson. There are songster versions which appear to be from the late 1870s, but they cannot be precisely dated. - PJS, RBW
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