Putting On Airs

DESCRIPTION: "No use talking (x2), The truth itself declares, If you act like the folks of fashion do, You're bound to put on airs." The singer doesn't want to mix in others' affairs, but he observes how both boys and girls dress up and put on airs
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: clothes beauty courting nonballad
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Randolph 460, "Putting on Airs" (1 text)
Brewster 82, "You've Got to Put on Airs" (1 text)

ST R460 (Partial)
Roud #3773
cf. "The Boys Around Here" (theme)
cf. "Putting on the Style" (theme)
cf. "When Young Men Go Courting" (theme)
NOTES [30 words]: The last several verses of Randolph's text look almost like modifications of "Putting on the Style," but the first verse and chorus are different enough that I separate them. - RBW
File: R460

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