I Wouldn't Have an Old Man

DESCRIPTION: The singer refuses to have any part of an old man. She contrasts old and young men: The old are "slobbery," bony, have too many cows to milk, and hog the covers; young men are well-dressed and can keep a girl warm
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1926 (recording, Frank Crumit)
KEYWORDS: nonballad age rejection youth marriage
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cf. "Maids When You're Young Never Wed an Old Man"
cf. "Old Man Came Over the Moor, An (Old Gum Boots and Leggings)"
cf. "I Wouldn't Marry an Old Man"
NOTES [83 words]: I suspect this may be a clean version of "I Wouldn't Marry an Old Man," but Ed Cray did not equate the two, and who am I to argue? (It is worth noting that Roud doesn't seem to consider this a song in its own right).
Paul Stamler points out that this song also exists in a version which complains about women, sung by Chubby Parker, and wonders if we shouldn't do something about the title. But the majority of versions complain about men; I suspect the Parker text of being a deliberate rewrite. - RBW
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