I'll Give You One More As You Go

DESCRIPTION: The singer describes how his sweetheart sent him off, offering a final kiss: "I'll give you one more as you go." Her parents are less tolerant; they set the dog on him. As he departs, the father orders "Sic him, Towse, And give him one more as he goes."
AUTHOR: Ike Brown?
EARLIEST DATE: 1930 (recording Carolina Buddies)
KEYWORDS: love courting family dog humorous
REFERENCES (3 citations):
Randolph 376, "I'll Give You One More As You Go" (1 text, 1 tune)
Randolph/Cohen-OzarkFolksongs-Abridged, pp. 308-309, "I'll Give You One More As You Go" (1 text, 1 tune -- Randolph's 376)
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Roud #3755
Carolina Buddies, "My Sweetheart is a Sly Little Miss" (Columbia 15641-D, 1930)
The Carter Family, "Give Him One More As He Goes"(Conqueror 9664, 1941; rec. 1940)

cf. "I'm Just Going Down to the Gate" (general situation, a few words)
cf. "Nobody's Darling on Earth" (portions of tune)
Sic Him, Towse
NOTES [57 words]: Cohen reports this was written by Ike Brown in 1884. - RBW
To my ears this is a (rather poor) parody of "I'm Just Going Down to the Gate." Many other songs collected by Randolph seem to have originated as commercial hillbilly 78s, and I'm confident that this one could, if it were possible, be traced back to the Carolina Buddies recording. -PJS
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