Come All You Virginia Girls (Arkansas Boys; Texian Boys; Cousin Emmy's Blues; etc.)

DESCRIPTION: "Come all you (Virginia) girls and listen to my noise; Don't you court no West Virginia boys; If you do, your fortune will be Johnny cake and venison and sassafras tea." Concerning the dangers of courting and marrying boys from (somewhere)
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1841 (sheet music)
KEYWORDS: courting hardtimes warning humorous
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Roud #4275 and 2977
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cf. "Go A Sparking" (theme, structure, tune)
Ballad of Harriet Tubman (by Woody Guthrie) (Greenway-AmericanFolksongsOfProtest, pp. 90-92)
California Boys
East Virginia Girls
Missouri Boys
Hello Girls
Mississippi Gals
The Mormon Boys
Free Nigger (title used in the 1841 sheet music)
De Free Nigger
NOTES [180 words]: The Fifes offer deep psychological explanations for some parts of this piece. I incline to believe it means what it says.
The original publication appears to be the version printed by Cohen, "De Free Nigger." Happily, that version seems to be extinct in tradition. McNeil says that it did not list an author, which is probably just as well (although McNeil points out that this might mean that the publishers took it from tradition rather than it being a composed piece. The counter-argument is that there are no reports of it from tradition until John A. Lomax published his "Texian Boys" version).
Most versions of this are warnings to women; a few, like McIntosh-FolkSongsAndSingingGamesofIllinoisOzarks's "If You Want to Go A-Courtin',", are either warnings to men or gender-neutral. Roud splits these; #4275 is the women's version and #2977 seems to be the men's. The distinction is probably formally valid; someone rewrote the song. But when fragments turn up, there is no way to classify them with one or the other. So I've lumped them, although it's a tricky decision. - RBW
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