Shivering in the Cold

DESCRIPTION: The singer recalls his parents, his wife, his children, his money -- all lost because of drink. He yearns to be free of his burden. Chorus: "Yes alone, all alone, And I feel I'm growing old, Yet I wander, oh how lonely, And I'm shivering in the cold."
AUTHOR: Mrs. Knowles Shaw
EARLIEST DATE: 1887 (Harvest Bells Songbook)
KEYWORDS: drink poverty captivity
REFERENCES (3 citations):
Randolph 327, "Shivering in the Cold" (2 texts)
BrownIII 31, "I'm Alone, All Alone" (1 text plus 1 excerpt and mention of 1 more)
BrownSchinhanV 31, "I'm Alone, All Alone" (1 tune plus an excerpt of text)

Roud #7801
cf. "I'm Alone, All Alone (I)" (theme)
File: R327

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