Father, Dear Father, Come Home with Me Now

DESCRIPTION: Each hour the child comes into the tavern, saying, "Father, dear father, come home with me now." Each hour brings worse news: Brother Benny is sick, Benny is calling for you, Benny is dead.
AUTHOR: Henry Clay Work
EARLIEST DATE: 1858 (see notes)
KEYWORDS: drink death father brother family disease
FOUND IN: US(Ap,MW,Ro,SE,So) Britain(England(South))
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cf. "The Drunkard's Dream (II)" (theme)
cf. "The Drunkard's Lone Child" (theme)
Father's Come Home ("Yes, Mary, my Mary, your father's come home") (Wolf-AmericanSongSheets p. 41)
NOTES [187 words]: Work's title for this piece was "Come Home, Father." Said title seems to be dead in tradition.
According to Waites and Hunter, this was first performed in 1858 as part of "Ten Nights In A Bar Room," which they call a "temperance melodrama." The first sheet music, however, seems to bave been published by Root & Cady in 1864. Interestingly, the version by S. Brainerd's Sons in Work-SongsOf-Henry-Clay-Work does not give an exact date; it's dated "A. D. 186 " -- with a blank space after the 6 to fill in the exact year. (To be sure, the copyright is said on the sheet to be held by Root & Cady, not Brainard's Sons).
According to Jon W. Finson, The Voices That Are Gone: Themes in Nineteenth-Century American Popular Song, Oxford University Press, 1994, pp. 56-57, the Women's Christian Temperance Union would eventually adopt this song as its anthem. Finson on p. 59 quotes one George Birdseye as writing in 1879 that this became the forerunner of many temperance song, some of them blatant imitations. - RBW
In the words of W. C. Fields, "Father, dear father, come home with me now...and bring a jug with you." - PJS
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