Turkey in the Straw

DESCRIPTION: "As I was going down the road With a tired team and a heavy load... Turkey in the straw, Haw haw haw, Turkey in the hay, Hey hey hey... Whistle up a tune called turkey in the straw." Lyrics usually involve the strange things encountered by a teamster
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1896 (recordings, Billy Golden)
KEYWORDS: travel animal bird nonballad dancetune
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cf. "The Old Tobacco Box (There Was an Old Soldier)" (tune, floating lyrics)
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Old Zip Coon (File: RJ19258)
Do Your Ears Hang Low? (File: ACSF104E)
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The Doughnut (File: ACSF096D)
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We Ain't Down Yet ("Oh, the mule's gone lame, the hens won't lay") (Harbin-Parodology, #56, p. 20)
Tough Luck Song ("Oh, his horse went dead, and his mule went lame") (Harbin-Parodology, #75, p. 24)
The Bunch/The Best Bunch ("O! The ??? bunch is the truest and the best") (Harbin-Parodology, #144, p. 43 = #235, p. 59)
Early in the Morning ("Very early in the morning we hop right out of bed") (Harbin-Parodology, #227, p. 58)
The Old Duck ("O there was an old duck And she had a web foot") (Harbin-Parodology, #267, p. 65)
Glad I Came ("How do you do; who are you? I'm the guy that ate the pie") (Harbin-Parodology, #269, p. 66)
NOTES [77 words]: Generally regarded as a rewriting of "Old Zip Coon." Sometimes regarded as the forerunner of "The Old Tobacco Box (There Was an Old Soldier)" (with which it often shares a tune), but the latter also has its own independent tune and form. - RBW
Paul Stamler found a source which attributed this to Bob Farrell, but that was probably a reference to "Old Zip Coon." And it's an open question whether he wrote even "Old Zip Coon"; see the notes to that song. - (PJS, RBW)
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