On Buena Vista's Battlefield

DESCRIPTION: "On Buena Vista's battlefield A dying soldier lay, His thoughts was on his mountain home Some thousand miles away." The wounded soldier bids farewell to (family and) sweetheart and prepares for the end
AUTHOR: Words: Colonel Henry Petriken/Music: Albert G. Emerick
EARLIEST DATE: 1848 (Emrick's Songs for the People)
KEYWORDS: death war battle
Feb 22-23, 1847 - Battle of Buena Vista. 5000 troops under Zachary Taylor defeat 15,000 Mexicans under Santa Anna
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Belden, pp. 340-341, "Buena Vista" (1 text, fragmentary)
Randolph 225, "The Battle of Vicksburg" (the second, fragmentary, text is "On Buena Vista's Battlefield")

Roud #2829
cf. "The Battle of Vicksburg" (tune & meter, theme)
cf. "Buena Vista (I)" (subject)
File: R225A

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