Poor Schnapps

DESCRIPTION: A "dutch" song. Corporal Schnapps, who is perhaps not overly bright, patriotically enlists in the army. Having faced battle, horrid food, and the scorn (and spit) of southern women, he now faces the indignity of having his girl run off with another man
AUTHOR: Henry Clay Work
EARLIEST DATE: 1864 (sheet music published by Root & Cady and by S. Brainard's Sons)
KEYWORDS: humorous foreigner Civilwar battle hardtimes courting infidelity elopement
REFERENCES (5 citations):
Work-SongsOf-Henry-Clay-Work, pp. 123-126, "Corporal Schnapps" (1 text, 1 tune, a copy of the original sheet music)
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Roud #4872
File: R218

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