DESCRIPTION: "As at noone Dulcina rested In a sweete and shady bower, Came a shepherd and requested In her lap to sleep an hour." The song obliquely describes what might have happened, but the singer admits ignorance of what actually happened
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1707 (Pills to Purge Melancholy; registered 1615)
KEYWORDS: love courting
FOUND IN: Britain
REFERENCES (3 citations):
Percy/Wheatley III, pp. 153-155, "Dulcina" (1 text)
Chappell/Wooldridge I, pp. 160-161, "Dulcina" (1 tune, partial text)
BBI, ZN195, "As at noon Dulcina rested"

ST Perc3153 (Full)
Roud #9916
In the month of February/The true Lovers Good-morrow... brace of Valentines (BBI ZN1481)
Thou who art so sweet a creature/A delicate new ditty... Posie of a Ring (BBI ZN2595)
What doth aile my loue, so sadly/A pleasant new Song, betwixt a Saylor and his Loue (BBI ZN2793)
From Oberon in Fairy Land/The mad-merry prankes of Robbin Good-fellow (BBI ZN933)
Of late it was my chance to walke/A penny-worth of Good Counsell (BBI ZN2114)
In the gallant month of June/The desperate Damsell's Tragedy (BBI ZN1478)
All you Young-men who would Marry/A Prouerb old, yet nere forgot, Tis good to strike while the Irons hott (BBI ZN160)
Jewry came to Jerusalem/Two pleasant Ditties, one of the Birth, the other of the Passion of Christ (BBI ZN1551)
The golden god Hyperion/An excellent new ditty.. Dulcina complaineth for the absence of.. Coridon (BBI ZN988)
NOTES [74 words]: This is probably not an actual traditional song (though an attempt to attribute it to Raleigh failed). It is so often cited, however, that I thought it best to include it (there are eight or nine broadsides in the Broadside Ballad Index using this tune).
Izaak Walton's Compeat Angler also refers to this tune (Chapter II). He makes it sound like a folk song -- but he lists "Phyllida Flouts Me" and other arty songs in the same context. - RBW
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File: Perc3153

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