Ding Dang Me

DESCRIPTION: Chorus: "Ding dang me one, Ding dang, Ding dang me two ... Ding dang me four, Ding dang." Includes floating Black or "minstrel" verses (see Notes)
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1942 (Parrish-SlaveSongsOfTheGeorgiaSeaIslands)
KEYWORDS: nonballad floatingverses
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Parrish-SlaveSongsOfTheGeorgiaSeaIslands, p. 120, ("Once I went out huntin'") (1 text)
NOTES [195 words]: Parrish-SlaveSongsOfTheGeorgiaSeaIslands has three verses, all floaters. Parrish's "Once I went out huntin' I heard a possum sneeze I holler back to Susan Put on de pot o' peas" is -- allowing for minor changes -- the same as "Black-Eyed Peas for Luck" in Thomas W. Talley, Negro Folk Rhymes (NewYork: Macmillan Company, 1922 ("Digitized by Microsoft")), p. 200. Parrish's "I went down to Missy house Missy was in bed I took de marrow bone An' beat her in de head" is close to the first verse of "Song of the Black Shakers" in 19th Century Songsheets, VonWalthour, CDDrive>s>s(74),"Song of the Black Shakers,", unknown publisher, no date [p. 2725]: "I went down to Sally's house, Sally wasn't home, So I sat in de corner dar An played on de jaw bone." Finally, Parrish's couplet, "Toad frog sittin' on the railroad track Train come along an' break his back" is at least reminiscent of "... railroad track ... back" couplets. For example, "[so-and-so] on the railroad track, hitched/pinned the engine to his back" (see Scarborough-OnTheTrailOfNegroFolkSongs, p. 199, "Old Dan Tucker"; Brown/Belden/Hudson-FrankCBrownCollectionNCFolklore3 457A, "Run, Nigger, Run"). - BS
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