Hold the Fort (Union Version)

DESCRIPTION: Rewrite of traditional hymn: "Hold the fort, for we are coming/Union men be strong/Side by side we battle onward/Victory will come"
AUTHOR: Tune by Philip P. Bliss (1838-1876); words attributed to English transport workers, late 19th century and said to have been circulated by the Knights of Labor
EARLIEST DATE: 1955 (recording, Pete Seeger)
KEYWORDS: labor-movement nonballad worker derivative
REFERENCES (5 citations):
PSeeger-AFB, p. 20 "Hold the Fort" (1 text, 1 tune)
Darling-NAS, pp. 372-373, "Hold the Fort" (1 text)
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ADDITIONAL: Jon Raven, _VIctoria's Inferno: Songs of the Old Mills, Mines, Manufacturies, Canals, and Railways_, Roadside Press, 1978, p. 21, "Hold the Fort" (1 text, 1 tune)

Pete Seeger, "Hold the Fort" (on PeteSeeger01)
cf. "Hold the Fort" (tune) and references there
File: PSAFB020

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