Preacher Dunn

DESCRIPTION: "I heard about this outlaw, They called Preacher Dunn, And everybody knowed him claimed he was the devil's son...." The singer goes to where Preacher Dunn is kept and offers to ride him. He fails -- but the boss pays him $50 for the entertainment value
AUTHOR: probably Powder River Jack Lee
EARLIEST DATE: 1937 (Powder River Jack & Kitty Lee Songbook)
KEYWORDS: horse cowboy humorous injury money
REFERENCES (1 citation):
ADDITIONAL: Powder River Jack and Kitty Lee's _Songs of the Range: Cowboy Wails of Cattle Trails_, Chart Music, 1937, pp. 34-35, "Across the Gread Divide" (1 text, 1 tune)
cf. "I've Busted Broncs" (theme: the un-ridable horse)
cf. "The Strawberry Roan" [Laws B18] (theme: the un-ridable horse)
cf. "The Zebra Dunn" [Laws B16] (theme: the un-ridable horse)
NOTES [32 words]: The plot of this is mostly "The Strawberry Roan," with just a bit of "The Zebra Dunn," but the lyrics seem original, so I am inclined to accpt Powder River Jack Lee's claim of authorship. - RBW
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