Stringybark and Greenhide

DESCRIPTION: "I sing of a commodity, it's one that will not fail yer,.. the mainstay of Australia... Stringybark and greenhide can beat [gold] all to pieces." Greenhide can hold carts together; stringybark strengthens homes; the singer praises these useful products
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: probably before 1870 (Sydney Songster)
KEYWORDS: nonballad Australia
FOUND IN: Australia
REFERENCES (2 citations):
AndersonStory, pp. 170-172, "Stringybark and Greenhide" (1 text, 1 tune)
Paterson/Fahey/Seal, pp. 157-159, "Stringybark and Greenhide" (1 text plus a fragment)

Roud #8400
cf. 'Stringybark" (subject)
NOTES [72 words]: Andrew and Nancy Learmonth Encyclopedia of Australia2nd edition, Warne & Co, 1973, describes stringybark as an informal name for several species of eucalyptus, the name being given because the bark "peels off in long fibrous strips."
Allthough the song presents itself as a praise of stringybark and greenhide, Patterson/Fahey/Seal see it more as a toast to the abilities of Australians to improvise, and I incline to agree. - RBW
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File: PFS157

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