Highland Maid, The

DESCRIPTION: "Again the laverock seeks the sky And warbles dimly seen... Nae mair can cheer this heart forlorn, Or charm the Highland Maid." "My true love fell by Charlie's side." Her home is lonesome, her sleep troubled; the girl hopes to join him in the grave
AUTHOR: William Blair (b.1800) (source: Greig-FolkSongInBuchan-FolkSongOfTheNorthEast)
EARLIEST DATE: 1905 (Greig/Duncan1)
KEYWORDS: Jacobites death battle soldier separation
FOUND IN: Britain(Scotland)
REFERENCES (3 citations):
Greig-FolkSongInBuchan-FolkSongOfTheNorthEast #44, p. 2, "The Highland Maid" (1 text)
Greig/Duncan1 130, "The Highland Maid" (5 texts, 4 tunes)
Ord-BothySongsAndBallads, p. 297, "The Highland Maid" (1 text)

Roud #2183
cf. "The Harp that Once through Tara's Halls" (tune)
NOTES [77 words]: Greig/Duncan1 has the tune as "The Maid in Bedlam," "originally called 'Will ye go to Flanders' ... found in Ireland and called 'Molly Astore' ... also 'Grammachree.'"
Greig: "'The Highland Maid' I have always heard sung to a tune which is practically the same as 'The Harp that once through Tara's Halls.'" - BS
Ord-BothySongsAndBallads repeats the attribution of this to William Blair, but lists him as being born in 1880. This is clearly an error in date.. - RBW
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