Feeing Time (I), The

DESCRIPTION: "A frien' and I struck frae Mulguy" for Glasgow; they meet a girl on her way to feeing day. The singer lures her into a pub, and they drink the day away. She says she has lost her fee; he promises to wed her, and she is "glad she lost the feeing time."
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1901 (Ford)
KEYWORDS: love courting drink work marriage
FOUND IN: Britain(Scotland(Aber)) Ireland
REFERENCES (2 citations):
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cf. "The Hiring Fair" (plot)
Craigmaddie Muir (per broadsides Murray, Mu23-y1:036, Mu23=y3:023, NLScotland, L.C.Fol.178.A.2(067))
NOTES [67 words]: Not to be confused with "The Feein' Time (II)," which is a complaint about work similar to "The Barnyards o' Delgaty." The song is also very similar to the Irish song "The Hiring Fair," with which it even shares some lyrics. I have split them only very tentatively; it's possible that some versions may be mixed or misfiled.
To earn one's fee was to go to a hiring fair and be taken on for a position. - RBW
File: Ord082

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