Union We'll Maintain, The

DESCRIPTION: "Ye loyal sons of Ulster, why slumber and be still? Once more your rebel foemen demand a Home Rule Bill." "Had they an Irish Parliament, 'twere '98 again" "Forbid it ... the Union we'll maintain." Remember Bloody Mary; remember Derry and the Boyne.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1987 (OrangeLark)
KEYWORDS: Ireland nonballad political
REFERENCES (1 citation):
OrangeLark 19, "The Union We'll Maintain" (1 text, 1 tune)
cf. "Home Rule for Ireland" (subject: the quest for Home Rule)
cf. "A Loyal Song Against Home Rule" (subject: opposition to Home Rule)
NOTES [165 words]: William Ewart Gladstone became British prime minister in 1868 and supported Home Rule for Ireland. He introduced his first Home Rule Bill, which was defeated, in 1885. His second Home Rule Bill was defeated in 1893. (source: "Home Rule" on the Irelandseye site) - BS
The invocation to remember Bloody Mary is, at best, pretty improbable. Mary Tudor (reigned 1553-1558) was a Catholic who did violently punish Protestants, but
1. She ruled very little of Ireland; it was not until Elizabeth came along that large parts of Ireland were conquered
2. There were effectively no Protestants in Ireland at the time
3. Mary Tudor did not rule Scotland, and most Ulster Protestants were Scots brought in in the aftermath of Elizabeth's conquest
For the siege of (London)derry, see the notes to "The Shutting of the Gates of Derry." For the Battle of the Boyne, see "The Battle of the Boyne (I)." For extensive background on home rule, and the opposition to it, see "A Loyal Song Against Home Rule." - RBW
File: OrLa019

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