My Beauty of Limerick

DESCRIPTION: "I sing of my loved one, an idol to me." Patrick is across the sea but thinks of his "beauty of Limerick" waiting at home. He promises "to go back to old Ireland when money I'd save." He sleeps with her ribbon under his pillow.
AUTHOR: Words: Edward Harrigan / Music: David Braham
EARLIEST DATE: 1880 (sheet music published by William A. Pond & Co.)
KEYWORDS: love separation Ireland nonballad money return
FOUND IN: Ireland
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Finson-Edward-Harrigan-David-Braham, vol. I, #38, pp. 140-141, "The Beauty of Limerick" (1 text. 1 tune)
OLochlainn-MoreIrishStreetBallads 38, "My Beauty of Limerick" (1 text, 1 tune)

Roud #9752
NOTES [79 words]: For background on Harrigan and Braham, see the notes to "The Babies on Our Block."
The original title of this was "The Beauty of Limerick." Finson-Edward-Harrigan-David-Braham, says it has "No known connection to any play," although the timing fits "The Mulligan Guards' Surprise," for which see "Whist! the Bogie Man." Sigmund Spaeth, A History of Popular Music in America, Random House, 1948, p. 188 says that this was sung by "'the American linnet,' Jennie Morgan." - RBW
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