Get That Boat

DESCRIPTION: "Get that boat! my lucky little driver, Get that boat, get that boat, I say." The singer orders the crew to overtake the boat ahead of them, even if it means skinning them alive, or crashing into the other vessel if it won't get out of the way
AUTHOR: possibly Pearl R. Nye
KEYWORDS: ship racing river
REFERENCES (1 citation):
ADDITIONAL: [no author listed], Scenes & Songs of the Ohio-Erie Canal, Ohio Historical Society, 1971, "Get That Boat" (1 text, 1 tune, from Pearl R. Nye)
NOTES [76 words]: According to the notes in the Ohio Historical Society booklet, the Ohio-Erie Canal (not to be confused with the Erie Canal; it ran from Cleveland on Lake Erie to Columbus, Ohio and on down to the Ohio River at Portsmouth) often suffered from traffic jams around towns,where they had to check in with canal officials. This led to intense competitions to move ahead in the line -- and hence to boat races (or maybe we should say battles) like this one. - RBW
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