Irishman (II), The

DESCRIPTION: "Who a friend or foe can meet So generous as an Irishman?" He is warm-hearted, honest, forgiving, generous, open, honorable and fearless. "If the field of fame be lost It won't be by an Irishman"
AUTHOR: James Orr
EARLIEST DATE: before 1820 (broadside, Bodleian Johnson Ballads 871)
KEYWORDS: Ireland nonballad patriotic
REFERENCES (1 citation):
O'Conor, p. 119, "The Irishman" (1 text)
Bodleian, Johnson Ballads 871, "The Irishman" ("The savage loves his native shore"), J. Pitts (London), 1802-1819; also Harding B 18(294), Harding B 16(115a), 2806 c.8(153), "The Irishman"
Vive La (broadside Bodleian 2806 c.8(153))
File: OCon119

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