Larry Magee's Wedding

DESCRIPTION: Larry "dwelt in a fashionable part of the city An illigant fine mansion." The dancers, drinkers and eaters "at the grand wedding" are named. All the old songs are sung. The wedding ends with a grand fight.
AUTHOR: Samuel Lover (1797-1868)
EARLIEST DATE: before 1865 (broadside, LOCSinging as107470)
KEYWORDS: wedding humorous party drink fight food moniker
FOUND IN: Ireland
REFERENCES (2 citations):
O'Conor pp. 83-84, "Larry Magee's Wedding" (1 text)
WolfAmericanSongSheets, #1217, p. 84, "Larry Magee's Wedding" (3 references)

LOCSinging, as107470, "Larry Magee's Wedding," H. De Marsan (New York), 1861-1864
cf. "Lanigan's Ball" (tune, per broadside LOCSinging as107470)
NOTES [78 words]: Broadside LOCSinging as107470: H. De Marsan dating per Studying Nineteenth-Century Popular Song by Paul Charosh in American Music, Winter 1997, Vol 15.4, Table 1, available at FindArticles site. - BS
Edwin Wolf 2nd, American Song Sheets, Slip Ballads, and Political Broadsides 1850-1870, Library Company of Philadelphia, 1963, p. 84, lists three broadsides of this, with the text credited to "Eugene T. Johnston." Perhaps an attempt to avoid paying royalties to Lover?
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