Grave of Wolfe Tone, The

DESCRIPTION: "In Bodenstown churchyard there is a green grave ... Once I lay on that sod -- it lies over Wolfe Tone." He wakes to the sound of students and peasants who come to the grave to raise a simple monument "fit for the simple and true"
AUTHOR: Thomas Davis (source: Moylan)
EARLIEST DATE: 1845 (_The Nation_, according to Moylan)
KEYWORDS: patriotic political Ireland burial
Nov 10, 1798 - Wolfe Tone (1763-1798) condemned to execution; he cuts his own throat to avoid hanging as a criminal (his request to face a firing squad had been denied)
FOUND IN: Ireland
REFERENCES (5 citations):
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Roud #9313
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cf. "Emmett's Grave" (tune, broadside Bodleian Harding B 26(690))
NOTES: Given Ireland's recent history, it's ironic to note that Wolfe Tone was a Protestant. For the history of the events that led to his execution, see the notes to "The Shan Van Voght." - RBW
The ballad is recorded on one of the CD's issued around the time of the bicentenial of the 1798 Irish Rebellion. See:
Franke Harte and Donal Lunny, "Bodenstown Churchyard" (on Franke Harte and Donal Lunny, "1798 the First Year of Liberty," Hummingbird Records HBCD0014 (1998)) - BS
File: OCon039

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