Bells of Shandon

DESCRIPTION: "With deep affection and recollection I often think of those Shandon bells." Those bells are compared to those at the Vatican, Notre Dame, and Moscow, and the bells "in St Sophio the Turkman gets"
AUTHOR: Rev Francis Sylvester Mahony (1804-1866)
EARLIEST DATE: 1834 (_Fraser's Magazine_, according to Croker-PopularSongs)
KEYWORDS: lyric nonballad religious music
FOUND IN: Ireland US(MW)
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ST OCon024 (Partial)
Roud #9562
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cf. "The Last Rose of Summer" (tune in Blackpool, OCanainn)
cf. "Slain le Maigh (Fairwell to the Maigue)" (tune, OCanainn)
Farewell to the Bay of Islands ("Sweet Bay of Islands! I love your highlands") (James Murphy, compiler, _Songs & Ballads of Terra Nova_, Evening Telegram publishing, 1903 (available from the Memorial University of Newfoundland web site), p. 44)
NOTES [85 words]: [See] The Ballad Poetry of Ireland by Charles Gavan Duffy (Dublin, 1845), pp. 242-243, "The Bells of Shandon." - BS
This is among the most popular of Irish poems; Granger's Index to Poetry lists fully a dozen anthologies containing the piece.
Francis Sylvester Mahony was a Jesuit priest born in Cork; he published much of his poetry under the name "Father Prout." He later left the church to work as a journalist and satirist.
Other works from his pen in this index include "The Town of Passage (IiI)." - RBW
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